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Web Load Test Software Review

Testing your website so it is ready for millions of eager fans!

My blog is structured to being sure your website is ready to perform when thousand's of visitors want to access your website at the same time. Whether you're a website owner, developer, tester or web server administrator we diagnose all issues that pertain to your role in getting the website ready to work at loading.

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Why Use Load Test Software? 

As the research shows us that most websites fail (they slow right down and become unusable) the very first time they get any measured true traffic. That's because there are thousands of things that may not be set up correctly.Web load testing software is all about a steady improvement process. You program things up as best you can then you test to find bottlenecks, errors,failures,optimise what ever was slowing you down and start again until you get acceptable performance at a reasonable number of visitors.

You can do the same thing with real traffic, however it tends to loose customers, make the development team look a bit amaturish and possibly get a bunch of negative PR.

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Load Testing Definition 

Before we get too much further it's worth defining what we mean by load testing a website. Even proffessional testers use several terms that seem like they refer to broadly the same thing to most people.

1. Load Testing - measuring response times under "usual" user load
2. Stress Testing - Measuring the impact of "more than usual" traffic or other stress on the system
3. Performance testing - measuring the response times of the system (not necessarily with multiple users on the system)

Below is the Wikipedea article which also refers to this "confusion"

Load testing is the process of putting demand on a system or device and measuring its response. Load testing is performed to determine a system's behavior under both normal and anticipated peak load conditions. It helps to identify the maximum operating capacity of an application as well as any bottlenecks and determine which element is causing degradation. When the load placed on the system is raised beyond normal usage patterns, in order to test the system's response at unusually high or peak loads, it is known as stress testing. The load is usually so great that error conditions are the expected result, although no clear boundary exists when an activity ceases to be a load test and becomes a stress test.

There is little agreement on what the specific goals of load testing are. The term is often used synonymously with software performance testing, reliability testing, and volume testing. Load testing is a type of non-functional testing.

read the rest of the Wikipedia article

Should developers try and Load Test their own code? 

For most websites clients can easily check that a developer has met the main functional requirements by simply browsing the site itself. However there is no similar way to verify that any internal load testing is robust until the site goes live. How important is independant load testing?

Should load testing be carried out by someone independant of the Developer or related provider?

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